The Body and The World : Maurizio Pometti and Franco Fratantonio Exhibition June 25-December 1, 2021 At CasaRocco Gallery.

The Body and The World

Maurizio Pometti and Franco Fratantonio

Opening Reception 25th June – 9:00PM

At CasaRocco Gallery.

CasaRocco Gallery is pleased to announce The Body and the World, a bipersonal exhibiton with Maurizio Pometti and Franco Fratantonio. curated by Carla Ricevuto and powered by: Art Now After Hours, YRB Magazine, and A King Production.

The first Gallery’s exhibition will open to the public on Friday 25th at 9:00PM inside the San Rocco Museum of Contemporary Art, 1st Floor, Sala Plotti.


Location: CasaRocco Gallery – San Rocco Museum of Contemporary Art, 1st Floor,

Sala Plotti.

Adress: Via Turretta 12, 91100 Trapani- Sicily



The Body and The World is an exhibition that puts the focus on a different kind of artistic point of view.


Both of the artists come from Sicily and they tell us how to look around us with multiple visions and introspective personal perceptions.

Maurizio and Franco spoke to us with different mediums and representations

but with a similar purpose: the respect for something who makes us living creatures… as the body and the world.



Maurizio Pometti, Nelle mie mani, oil on canvas, 100×80 2017


Franco Fratantonio, Immersione 014, oil pastel on paper, 105×75 cm, 2019


Maurizio Pometti, Senza titolo, oil on canvas, 35×25, 2017


Franco Fratantonio Immersione 012, oil pastel on paper, 45×60 cm, 2019


Maurizio Pometti, Legami, oil on canvas, 100×120 cm, 2015


Franco Fratantonio , Immersione 002, oil pastel on paper 15×45 cm, 2019


Maurizio Pometti, Fidelio, oil on canvas, 35x25cm, 2017


Franco Fratantonio, Immersione 025, oil pastel on paper, 15×15 cm, 2019


Maurizio Pometti, Doll, oil on canvas, 50x40cm, 2016


Franco Fratantonio, Immersione 002, oil pastel, 35×30 cm, 2021




About the artist:

Maurizio Pometti

In this exhibition, we propose the series of “without getting hurt” where

he create bodies in an eternal balance between good and evil, between happiness and pain, between submission and revenge, between the sacred and the profane, between the masculine and the feminine. This research, started in 2015, is a way to look deeper on the concept  of the change of  ourself being outside and inside us and how often we live this perception in a very troubled way. The body is the mirror of our soul and our life experience.

His work is actually  talking about change and the courage we need to confront with this different perspective. Maurizio looks at the body as sacred element which desserve respect in every  moment and situation of our life.






Franco Fratantonio

The poem of the light is the protagonist of all his research. In a place as Sicily is, where the light has been always a source of inspiration for most of all the artists , in Franco’s works there is no limit in front of the millions inputs that the nature gives to our eyes and mind. The nature seems treated, by Franco, as divine element, a part of everything wich make the human being complete.

All his landscapes – many of which represent seascape – have a multipe interpretations: even if at first, all is work may looks like a realistic research. How he treats the light, the composition and the colors make those art works full of symbolic reference in an environment that introduce, the one who looks, to a suspended time.