Jonn Nubian

“Art is a lie that makes us see the truth.”

Jonn Nubian is a producer, hacker and media maximalist with over 35 years of high profile experience in television, film, art, music, and new media companies.


His expertise and insight pertains to digital media business models, strategy, industry foresight with hardware & software, project management and out of the box technology solutions in the U.S. and abroad. Previous clients include Cablevision, UBS, Scholastic, Universal Records, HBO, Webby Awards, BAFTA, Aer Lingus, Bad Boy Entertainment, Spike Lee/ 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, Conde’ Nast, Black Enterprise, Viacom, Lincoln Center Theatre, Japan Society and more.

He enjoys cigars, Barney Miller and Space 1999 episodes, hacking, walks in the park, modern art, listening to vinyl, video games, and living life.


He is currently Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief at YRB Magazine, a global print publication and augmented reality platform focusing on lifestyle, fashion, music and art.