Carla Ricevuto

“Those who do, do not suffer “

Carla Ricevuto (Palermo, Italy, 1985) graduated from the University of Palermo, Sicily, with full marks in Art History and deepened her studies in the field of Contemporary Art with a thesis about the American artist Mark Kostabi, investigating the multiple aspects that characterizes the artist as a businessman.

She later perfected and expanded her skills in curating and museum education by taking part in advanced training courses at MAXXI in Rome, the Guggenheim and the MoMA in New York. She has lived in the United States for two years and as an independent curator she collaborated with the George Billis Gallery in New York, Chelsea, making her skills available for international art fairs.

In this time she developed her knowledge in Art business, relation with customers and collectors.
 She extended her skills about Management of Art Galleries and International Cultural Projects. As museum educator she has collaborated with The Brooklyn Children’s Museum focusing on all contemporary art projects for children of different ages .
At the same time, she continues her researches on Contemporary Art by organizing exhibitions that celebrate the theme of diversity and inclusion with the Art Now Afterhours project.

In Sicily she has collaborated, as a critic and curator of Contemporary Art, with various institutions in the field such as: the Museum of Contemporary Art of the city of Marsala; The Museum of Contemporary Art – Oratorio San Rocco – of Trapani, with Quam Gallery in Scicli and the Giuseppe Veniero Project Contemporary Art Gallery in Palermo. Her publications are renowned and various in the contemporary art field and she periodically writes in magazines reviewing national and international exhibitions.

In parallel she develops also her creativity through Performance Art.

Her first concept originated from the ashes of a tree she used to love during her childhood that burned during her adulthood. Since this event she felt the artistic urge to use the remaining charcoal and ashes as drawing materials. in order to give a new form of Life to this tree.

From this destruction had risen an artistic object in the form of a drawn black Circle on a canvas.