Robin Holder

“This world does not move without Black creativity.” — Melissa Kimble

Let’s Raise Our Racial IQ. Art That Explores Diversity – Robin Holder

Who is Robin Holder?

At nine years old I earnestly explained to my friends that I needed a store bought jump rope with wooden handles because the clothesline typically used for Double Dutch reminded me of lynchings.

As a biracial, multiethnic, American youngster in an activist African-Russian-Jewish-Caribbean family I developed a formidable interior dialogue that reflected my diverse heritage. While growing up in New York City I studied, explored and played in a community of widely varied backgrounds. I was exposed to a world of both complicated racial, class and ethnic conflicts and integrated harmony. I was intrigued by the cultural differences between my classmates, friends and neighbors and simultaneously aware of the danger of identity ignorance.

Robin Holder Five Spot 5 22” x 30” Stencil Monoprint

“Five Spot by 5 is a stencil monoprint. It is a celebration of African American jazz. I wanted to convey the energy, rhythm, collaboration of our jazz musicians.  This piece is like a jigsaw puzzle. Each shape in the image is necessary to complete the visual statement. There are about 60 individually inked and printed shapes that I cut out my shapes from transparent acetate.”

Robin Holder
They Damaged Us More Than Katrina
30” x 22”

“They Damaged Us More Than Katrina is a serigraph incorporating 16 screens. This was the 2006 Atlanta Black Arts Festival Collector’s Guild Print and speaks to the empowered resilience we folks of color have that encourages us to thrive in spite of historic institutional brutalization.”

Robin Holder
Blue Note 1
“24.25 x 20.25”
Stencil Monoprint


Robin’s process

My visual language is rooted in layering, painting, printmaking, digital image manipulation, and drawing. I usually initiate a collection of works with a specific theme. I use a distinct combination of techniques for each series. At times I include a material, technique or procedure that I am not familiar with. This enables me to stretch beyond the known and discover new approaches. I develop my imagery by considering a series of questions that explore the idea. Some of my work requires extensive research. From time to time I’ll reference direct personal or societal events. There is an aspect of storytelling in my practice. I am most curious about the expansive and myriad manifestations of our human experience. Although singularly personal, I hope that my work reflects universal truths.

Robin Holder
25.50” x 33
Robin King
Map of Nubia VI
“21.50 x 27.50”

My mother cautioned me that being an African American Jewish female is automatic grounds for marginalization in the United States of America. I decided that the role of victim was unacceptable. While studying at the High School of Music and Art I realized I could be creative instead of reactive. I decided art making could be my constructive vehicle of experimentation, exploration, communication and courage! While living abroad I extended my perspective into a global point of view.

Robin Holder Iridium 2 “25 x 20.25” Stencil Monoprint


Robin Holder Carole’s Dance “26.25 x 20.25”


L/R: Harris Whiltsher and Robin Holder


“Robin Holder was selected for the exhibition IN WHAT WE SEE: A Printmaker’s Response because her work incites contemplative thought and conversation. Her process of layering and dynamic color using monoprinting subdues viewers and creates an environment of learning and growing.” – Harris Wiltsher


Robin Holder
Irish Need Not Apply, No Negroes, No Dogs
colored pencil, acrylic paint, archival inkjet print
50″ x 30″

Irish Need Not Apply, No Negroes, No Dogs is part of a series title USA: United States Of Anxiety Series

This series began in 2017. Each piece consists of drawing, digital imaging, large format printing and painting.



2022 ArtRage Gallery, Syracuse, NY, robin holder United States of Anxiety, Curated by Rose Viviano

2021 LaGrange Art Museum, LaGrange, GA, Who Are We? , Curated by Lauren Oliver

2021 California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA, robin holder: On Labor and Youth. Curated by Rachel Schmid

2020   Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY, Access and Inequities. I Hear You. Do You See Me?    

2017 United States of Anxiety, Center for the Digital Arts of Westchester New York

2014  Robin Holder: A Layered Perspective, NCCU Art Museum, Durham, NC, Curated by Kenny Rogers

2014  OUTSOURCED!, American Labor Museum, New Jersey

2012   Bloomfield College, New Jersey, OUTSOURCED!, Curated by Halima Taha

2011  The Mobile Museum of Art, Alabama, Robin Holder: An American Consciousness

2011  Bread and Roses Cultural Project, Gallery at 1199, OUTSOURCED!, New York City

2010  The Spelman Museum, Atlanta, An American Consciousness

2009  An American Consciousness: Robin Holder’s Mid-Career Retrospective, The David C. Driskell at the University of Maryland, College Park, Curated by Dorit Yaron and Dr. Robert Steele



The Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs, The YWCA of USA, Washington State Arts Commission, Bellevue Hospital, Art Commission of the City Of New York, Cumberland Family Care Center, New York City, United Parcel Service, James E. Lewis Museum of Art, Con Edison, Tampa University of South Florida, Kenkeleba House Gallery, Atlanta Life Insurance Company, The 3M Corporation, Queens Borough Public Library, The Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, University of Delaware, The African American Museum of Tampa, Cynthia Sears Artist Book Collection, African American Museum of Cleveland, Atlanta Branch Libraries, Aljira, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, Xerox Corporation, Drexel National Bank of Chicago, Schomburg Center for Research In Black Culture, Florida A & M University, David Driskell Center Permanent Collection, Clark Atlanta Art Museum, Yale University Art Gallery, Telavi State University, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island Museum



Metropolitan Transportation Authority, NYC, Migrations, Thirty four windows for subway

New Jersey Transit. Five paintings, Bayonne.

Bread & Roses Cultural Project, 2002 Calendar. September image

Absolut Vodka. Commissioned artwork. Absolut Holder

State of Connecticut Arts Commission. Transformations. Sixteen leaded glass windows

School Construction Authority, New York City. Rites of Passage. Eight wall installations

Gallery Saoh, Tokyo, Japan. Cup design for Café du Monde

YMCA of the USA, New York City. Edition of prints for The Imperative One Awards.

Wayside Baptist Church,  New York, Oh Glorious Dawning.  stained glass window

Percent for Art, New York City. Six stained glass windows for lobby

Public Art for Public Schools, New York City. Portraits and Patterns. Seven ceramic tile murals.

School Construction Authority, Camino de Animales. Concrete plaza: 6,500 sq. ft.

The New York Foundation for the Arts. A filmed public service announcement produced for television



2020  Executive Fellow in Clark Hulings Fund Art Business Accelerator Program.

2019  Fellow in Clark Hulings Fund’s Art Business Accelerator Program.

2005  Lafayette College, PA Resident Artist: Temple Visual Arts Festival

2000  Brooklyn Community Access Television, New York. Residency

1999  The Isamu Noguchi Museum, New York City. Teaching Residency

1994  El Museo Del Barrio, New York City, Teaching Residency

1993  New York Foundation for the Arts, Teaching Residency at P.S. 1

1990  Atlanta Life Insurance Company. Award



2022 Bainbridge Island Museum robin holder at the DogEar Festival

2021 Art Students League of New York Exhibition, Creating Community Cinque Gallery Artists

2021 Montclair Art Museum, NJ, Discussion with Adger Cowans, robin holder, Curlee Holton and Halima Taha

2021 The Wells Foundation COVID19 The Influence and Inspiration of WOMEN , Curator Kabuya Bowens, Guest Carrie Mae Weems

2019  Interviewer. Tina Dunkley at The Wilmer Jennings Gallery, NYC, Sanctuary for the Internal Enemy: An Ancestral Odyssey.

2019  Co Curator of Disillusionment A curated series of interviews and exhibition of 25  women artists responding to the theme by referencing being wrapped, covered, clothed, dressed in disillusionment

2018  Interviewer:  Kentler Connects Collectors: How To Be a Voice in culture today Panelists: Perian Carson and Wes Cochran of The Cochran Collection, Georgia

2017  Participating Artist in Realigning: Mid Career Artist Intensive, The Brooklyn Arts Council

2017  Resident Artist at Landing Family Shelter Art and Literacy Project with Studio in a School, Queens New York

2017 Foil Stamp Printing Demonstration at the Southern Graphics Conference, Atlanta

2017 Art, Apprehension and Awe: An Earth Day Conversation with Helen Ramsaran and Marina Gutierrez interviewed by Robin Holder Wilmer-Jennings at Kenkeleba

2016  Essentia, Exhibition Panel Discussion Julia de Burgos Center, New York City

2016  Art Action Academy at the Queens Museum. Sponsored by Center for Artistic Activism and NEA

2015  Remembering Bob Blackburn, Wilmer Jennings Gallery, New York City. Panel Moderator: Robin Holder

2014  Conversations at Kenkeleba: Ancestral, Cultural and Collective Memory in Contemporary Imagery- featuring the work of Vladimir Cybil Charlier, Tafa and Dread Scott. Robin Holder, Interviewer

2014  Conversations at Kenkeleba: Collaborations Featuring the work of Jasmine Murrell, Amir Bey and Nicolas Esteves. Robin Holder Panel Moderator

2012  Movement in Color, Exhibition 1 East 53 Street Gallery, NYC, Sponsored by the Studio In A School Association

2010  The Harlem Children’s Zone in collaboration with NY Historical Society. Resident Artist

2008  Hatch Billops Collection and Archives: Artist and Influence: Robin Holder.  Interviewed by Dr. Halima Taha

2006  Experimental Printmaking Institute. Serigraph edition for Atlanta Black Arts Festivals

2001  Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation: Artist As Catalyst. Collaborative Residency with Art Sanctuary, Grands As Parents and Church of the Advocate



2004  The New York Times Foundation Community Arts Residency through Arts Horizons

2000  Robin Holder: Self Identity and Narrative, The Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, and community arts workshops

1995  Altos de Chavon- Parsons School of Design, La Romana, Dominican Republic, Visiting Printmaker



2021 Cinque Gallery Series: Robin Holder Interviewed by Nanette Carter

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2022 The Mystic Museum, CT, Missing Narratives

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Art Now After Hours, Curator – Robin King