Hope America, 2020

LUCIANA PAMPALONE: Vote with your Brain and your HeART

Hope America, 2020


Emerging America, 2020


LUCIANA, why is voting important to you?: “My great great grandmother was a Suffragette and so many other woman pathed the way for human rights so we could vote. In life it’s about showing up and showing united.”


ABOUT THE WORK: Hope America, 2020

I shot this past month of one of my best friends, Aaron Paul. This is all about the current climate in the USA. We both thought it was so relevant to create this image.


ABOUT THE WORK: Emerging America, 2020

I photographed the American Flag in the Peconic Bay 2014. I had a friend stand behind & hold it. It was a spontaneous not a planned shoot with my iPhone  during the summer out east. We were a group of 8 women there for a beach picnic & sunset cocktails.  I don’t know who brought the flag.  I just wanted a shot at sunset with the flag emerging from the water, like many of our ancestors coming to this new country.

Curated by: Robin King

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Luciana Pampalone an Award Winning Visual Image Specialist with Global experience as a Fashion-Beauty Photographer with 25 years experience in Content Creation, Artistic Direction and Fashion Travel Photography. Recently named on George Wayne’s (Vanity Fair) Top 100 Creative Influencer’s List. Excellence in Media Award given By Womenz Straight Talk & WOM Media Group.


Luciana’s work has taken her to many diverse locations, including; Aruba, British Virgin Islands, Brussels, Canada, Croatia, England, France, Grenadine Islands, Jamaica, London, Paris, Scotland, St. Croix, Thailand, Mexico and Venezuela, all which have contributed to her vision and worldly sensibility.

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Featured Articles: Wall Street International Magazine https://wsimag.com/fashion/53873-the-fashion-show

Featured Artist Article: ArtShesays.com http://artshesays.com/a-queen-and-her-crown-bold-sensuality-through-the-lens-of-luciana-pampalone/