Grazia Inserillo-The Weight of the Blanket – Galleria Drago Arte Contemporanea December 19, 2020 – February 28, 2021

Grazia Inserillo‘s solo show consists of thirteen works in total and it documents the research path that the artist began four years ago. The entire body of works aims to narrate the intimate experience of memory: a catalyst of imperfect memories and feelings.


The Weight of the Blanket is configured as a large family portrait, where the ancient tradition of embroidery is literally transfigured into a stitch that blocks, without any pretense of tracing, an experience that cannot be forgotten.


Carrying out a brief analysis, all the works are characterized by out-of-focus elements: a bit like what happens in our dreams. As evidenced by the titles of the same, all the works on display are constantly looking for an identity suspended between memory and the construction of a future. An archeology of the soul who writes the story of a human being with layers that, at the same time, protect and confused each other.


This solo show is a journey that expands by means of an identity bond, which spreads through the ways of the most intimate thought overlapping, with peremptory action, the past. Annotations of places and spaces already lived that in their evanescent transience show off all the weight of lived lives.


By Carla Ricevuto

Exhibition Info


Grazia Inserillo

The Weight of the Blanket – (Il peso della Coperta)


Galleria Drago Arte Contemporanea

December 19, 2020 – February 28, 2021


Drago Arte Contemporanea

Via Prigione, 5

Bagheria (PA) – Sicily


Info: +39 339 6752646


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