At Quam of Scicli- White becomes the cradle of stories and ferryman of powerful delicacies.

The “Storie di Bianco” exhibition curated by Antonio Sarnari, owner of the Quam gallery in Scicli (Sicily), opened on June 26, 2020. The exhibition features four magnificent women and artists, who together gave a new start with the reopening of the gallery which was closed for the Covid-19 emergency, Ilde Barone,  Valentina Biasetti, Grazia Inserillo and Marilena Marchica.

It’s time to fall in love with art again

said Antonio Sarnari and in fact the choice to showcase the work of women only emphasizes trust in life, rebirth and resistance to changes.” All factors found in the female nature. Art, which with its powerful delicacy reassures us, mends wounds and makes us fall in love even more deeply.


As in any exhibition created at Quam, “Storie di Bianco” is structured by a refined planning, which pushes the visitor to see beyond, to reflect and also to let go. Sarnari wisely chooses the most representative works by relating the zooms on Ilde Barone’s visceral femininity with the presences and absences of Valentina Biasetti, with the thread that transfers the most intimate thoughts of the mind to an elsewhere, that takes concrete form in the matter, of Grazia Inserillo and with the multiple perspective planes tending towards the fading of Marilina Marchica.


Ilde Barone



Valentina Biasetti



Grazia Inserillo



Marilina Marchica


Stories where white has its own weight, a real consistency that makes these stories delicate and powerful at the same time.

Even with social distancing, the atmosphere at the gallery was full of love and hope to restart again stronger then before.

The exhibition is open until July 19, 2020.

Photos by: Sergio Bonuomo

Storie di Bianco
Quam Scicli – June 26 / July 19 2020

Curated by: Antonio Sarnari

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